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Today we are thrilled to announce a sneak peek into our NFT Factory Codebase. The recent boom in NFT popularity is nothing surprising to us. We’ve been building the BEPRO Network NFT codebase for some time now, since we saw prior to this craze how big they would become as a cornerstone of decentralised finance. Much like how we predicted the rise of prediction markets (and put significant R&D resources into developing that codebase), we have invested our time and effort into creating an easy to use NFT Factory codebase in Javascript for developers and other projects to use. 

If you want to deploy your own white labeled and customisable Rarible, Open Sea, or MakersPlace, you can by using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase

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NFTs are a Booming Business

You may have heard that Christie's auctioned off and sold an NFT by Beeple entitled “The First 5000 Days” for a staggering $69M dollars. To a lot of people, this may come as a surprise, however we at BEPRO Network believe that this is just the beginning for NFTs coming into their own as a legitimate and useful technology for a wide variety of industries such as art, collectibles, retail, loyalty systems, and even as ownership titles and access keys.

The Polkamarkets Explorer NFT

Platforms like Rarible, where many NFTs are minted and traded, are incredibly popular since they are easy to use and provide a visual interface for the ERC-721 Non-fungible token standard. BEPRO Network aims to provide the codebase for entrepreneurs to install Rarible-like functionality into their websites, or to deploy stand-alone NFT businesses. 

BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase

Excerpt from our NFT Solidity Smart Contract

Composability is a Core BEPRO Network Feature

We have a whole host of smart contracts that can be combined together as BEPRO Network's Javascript Library.

Check the code here!

We have smart contracts for prediction markets, staking, NFTs, and these are all wrapped in a Javascript library to be easy to use for developers. What does this mean?

You can have a clone of Rarible for example, and make a custom NFT platform yourself. You can also use our code to launch an Esports betting platform with your own token, and implement our NFT Factory for loyalty rewards and badges. The skies are the limit.

Clients are already #BUIDLing, are you?

Interested parties should send an email to with their ideas and proposals.

Stay Tuned

More news about NFTs are coming soon as we are very close to launching our full NFT Factory product.

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