With this code-as-as-service product release, BEPRO Network enables its operator clients to integrate on-chain and decentralized voting systems secured by blockchain technology. Many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects have diverse developer and token holder communities. These projects can now use bepro-js to decentralise decision-making, voting, community management and more. By using BEPRO Network’s Voting Systems smart contract templates, projects can quickly and efficiently integrate decentralized governance into their platforms and products.

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What can you build with BEPRO Network’s Voting Systems & Governance SDK?

FrontEnd/App Example (https://snapshot.org) - not affiliated with bepro.network

Developers who want to create something similar to snapshot.org (shown above) can do so by bootstrapping with bepro-js. We provide the smart contract templates, SDK, jand documentation to get you up and running fast - all via an npm javascript package.

Solidity Code of the Voting Contract

BEPRO Network is relentlessly #BUIDL’ing our codebase, and actively incentivising our amazing Developer Community with open bounties and issues to solve. This release is yet another milestone achievement in our ambitious roadmap under the Smart Contract Template class.

BEPRO Network, as a robust and documented codebase for developing blockchain applications, has identified the following use-cases for on-chain and decentralised governance powered by bepro-js:

  • Decentralised voting systems
  • Signalling and Governance based on community feedback
  • Funding and Grants attributions
  • Delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Bounties & Community Driven Initiatives
  • & More

If you’d like to gain access to the voting systems template, go here.

If you are a crypto team, enthusiast or community member that thinks that your crypto project could benefit from on-chain staking, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to our sales manager :


Interested parties should check out our Open Issues on Github or message us directly in our Developers’ Community.


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