BEPRO Network Community Update & Due Diligence Package

The last weeks have been completely mental for the BEPRO Network team. We closed several new clients, we saw a stampede of amazing new users entering our community, and the $BEPRO price skyrocketed.

This all happened after we decided to rebrand from BetProtocol to BEPRO Network, in a crucial step to reflect our DeFi and Gaming positioning in our branding and brand name. This step ended up being one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, as it attracted thousands of new believers to our project.

The bigger awareness, the bigger the responsibility. So we decided to create an article that summarises all of our efforts, from technology to marketing, so all the newcomers can come and make an educated decision about joining BEPRO Network.

Technology and Roadmap

One of our live casino clients

On BEPRO Network we have been building the future of DeFi Gaming since 2018. We have several clients on the Casino and Esports side with full turnkey platforms. Several projects are also using our robust libraries, including projects like Exeedme and Polkamarkets.

  • We have a public github repository (link) and we are open for partnerships and new hires
  • Check our full Esports Demo presentation by our co-founder Justin Wu (link)
  • Tech interview with Justin Wu and Polygon (Matic Network rebrand) (link)
  • BetProtocol 101: How-to Manage Your Esports Betting Platform (link)
  • Tech webinar with Justin Wu (link)

As for our roadmap, On-chain DeFi products on BEPRO Network are in very high demand from current and on-boarding BEPRO Network Operators, so we are still working on launching several new features, including on-chain staking (link) and NFT factory for NFT marketplaces white labels (link). More about our roadmap here

Partnerships and Clients

In the last two years we have partnered with the most credible and promising blockchain companies. It’s part of our mission to have close relationships with leaders that have strong visions about the future of DeFi and Gaming. These partnerships include:

  • Partnership with Moonbeam to build smart contracts on top of Polkadot (link)
  • Partnership with Polygon to power scalable betting dapps (link)
  • Partnership with Chainlink for Esports and Sports Betting (link)
  • Partnership with Elrond to automate audit records for BEPRO Network (link)
  • Partnership with Ankr Network to enable fully distributed DeFi Gaming (link)
  • Partnership with Kylin to extend oracle options on Polkadot (link)

We are also working with dozens of clients in several countries, including Exeedme (link), Polkamarkets (link), (link), Bistox Games (link), and many more. Please be aware the TKN and Bistox Games are only accessible from certain countries due to compliance reasons.

Marketing and Community

Our number one strategy was always to attract new clients and build a strong relationship with credible and specialized projects in the market. We saw that as a first step for our success. If we had several clients trusting our brand, and healthy monthly recurring revenue (MRR), the rest would be easier to build.

Two years after following this strategy, we started pushing more on the branding side, with efforts being on the social media and partnerships side. This strategy has been really successful, with some of the highlights here:

  • We have reached 7,000 token holders, a 700% increase since the beginning of the year
  • We were part of the TOP 30 Trending Searches in March, on CoinGecko
  • We were a trending search term for several times on CoinMarketCap (link)
  • Our co-founder and CEO Rui Teixeira was interviewed by Blockchain Andy (link)
  • We ran a community AMA with thousands of questions and offered our $BEPRO sweatshirt to the best participants
  • We launched several efforts on Youtube and Reddit together with our community, with huge successes taking place, including this viral Reddit post or the amazing videos promoted on YouTube
  • $BEPRO is a Top 4 Biggest Gainers in Q1 2021 according to CryptoDiffer

We deeply thank our community for their support. BEPRO Network is truly the case that this success was only possible due to the support, dedication, and hard work of our community members.

Especially the members that created our grassroots marketing channel! If you want to join and help with building awareness, please click here

Exchanges and Liquidity

  • Our average liquidity is now always above $1.5M, a 500% increase since January
  • We updated our Liquidity Rewards Program, now with up to $30,000 USD in monthly LP Rewards (link)
  • $BEPRO broke all-time high several times in March, reaching a +1000% valuation since the beginning of the year
  • We broke all records in terms of volume on Uniswap, with one day reaching +$17M in daily volume
  • We are listed on centralized exchanges, including KuCoin and Bitmax, and we are working closely with other exchanges to increase liquidity for $BEPRO

Founders, Advisors, and Investors

Our team has been working tirelessly for more than 3 years, but many newcomers don’t know our story. Everything began in 2017 when our founders Rui Teixeira and Justin Wu were building a gaming dApp.

After several struggles finding the right technology and decisions, the most important question in BEPRO Network's history came up:

“What if instead of building a gaming dApp, we build the infrastructure to build as many gaming dApps as we want?”

That was the inception of our model, and today we enable dozens of clients to deploy decentralized applications in the gaming industry on blockchain.

This was only possible thanks to our co-founders and investors, including:

  • Rui Teixeira, CEO, and co-founder. Rui is a serial entrepreneur and has +5 years of experience with blockchain product development.
  • Justin Wu, COO, and co-founder. Justin is a seasoned entrepreneur and operations director with 5+ years of experience in tech and blockchain startups.
  • Nuno Correia (Advisor). Nuno is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Utrust, a blockchain payment company that is improving the accessibility of digital assets and increasing cryptocurrency business adoption.
  • Our amazing list of investors, including NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, BlockGround Capital, Shilling Capital Partners, Bynd Venture Capital, and Utrust Ventures.


Many newcomers are not familiar with our tokenomics, especially because our listing date was December 17, 2019. Having launched so long ago information can get lost, and because of that, we are sharing this clarification about our locks:

  • Private-sale funds are fully distributed for almost a year now
  • Team, partners and advisors tokens have a 20% unlock 6 months after listing + 20% every 3 months thereafter
  • Ecosystem tokens have a 20% unlock 12 months after listing + 20% every 3 months thereafter
  • Long-term Network Growth Fund has a 20% unlock 24 months after listing + 20% every 3 months thereafter
  • Current circulating supply: 5.465B BEPRO. We are between the 15th and 16th months after listing as of today March 19th 2021. 

Why is there a discrepancy between CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap for the BEPRO circulating supply? When the KuCoin hack happened, we were forced to do a token swap, as were many other projects. We have pinged CoinGecko and CMC to update our tokenomics, because most likely their systems are polling the old token smart contract that is now frozen. 

If you want to learn more about our tokenomics, please read the full article here

Watch this epic interview on CryptosRUs with Rui Teixeira explaining:

✅ The history of BEPRO Network
✅ Growing traction, clients and revenue
✅ BEPRO's Token Utility
✅ BEPRO Tokenomics and circulating supply
✅ Prediction Markets & being Polkamarkets' co-founder
✅ Rui's role in Polkastarter, ExeedMe, and other projects
✅ Chainlink Partnership and how oracles are used
✅ Thoughts on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Thanks to all of our BEPRO Community members for their support!

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.