BEPRO Network Introduction

On BEPRO Network we have been building the future of Web3 since 2018. We have several clients on the Casino and Esports side with full turnkey platforms. Several projects are also using our robust libraries with bepro-js

We have a public github repository (link) and we are open for partnerships and new hires

  • Check our full Esports Demo presentation by our co-founder Justin Wu (link)
  • Tech interview with Justin Wu and Polygon (Matic Network rebrand) (link)
  • Tech webinar with Justin Wu (link)

As for our roadmap, On-chain DeFi products on BEPRO Network are in very high demand from current and on-boarding BEPRO Network Operators, so we are still working on launching several new features, including on-chain staking (link) and NFT factory for NFT marketplaces white labels (link). More about our roadmap here

Partnerships or API Support

In the last two years we have partnered with the most credible and promising blockchain companies. It’s part of our mission to have close relationships with leaders that have strong visions about the future of DeFi and Gaming. These partnerships include:

  • Partnership with Moonbeam to build smart contracts on top of Polkadot (link)
  • Partnership with Polygon to power scalable dapps (link)
  • Partnership with Chainlink for Random Number Generator(link)
  • Partnership with Elrond to automate audit records for BEPRO Network (link)
  • Partnership with Ankr Network to enable fully distributed DeFi Gaming (link)
  • Partnership with Kylin to extend oracle options on Polkadot (link)

Founders, Advisors, and Investors

Our team has been working tirelessly for more than 3 years, but many newcomers don’t know our story. Everything began in 2017 when our founders Rui Teixeira and Justin Wu were building a gaming dApp.

After several struggles finding the right technology and decisions, the most important question in BEPRO Network's history came up:

“What if instead of building a gaming dApp, we build the infrastructure to build as many gaming dApps as we want?”

That was the inception of our model, and today we enable dozens of clients to deploy decentralized applications in the gaming industry on blockchain.

This was only possible thanks to our co-founders and investors, including:

  • Rui Teixeira, CEO, and co-founder. Rui is a serial entrepreneur and has +5 years of experience with blockchain product development.
  • Justin Wu, COO, and co-founder. Justin is a seasoned entrepreneur and operations director with 5+ years of experience in tech and blockchain startups.
  • Nuno Correia (Advisor). Nuno is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Utrust, a blockchain payment company that is improving the accessibility of digital assets and increasing cryptocurrency business adoption.
  • Our amazing list of investors, including NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, BlockGround Capital, Shilling Capital Partners, Bynd Venture Capital, and Utrust Ventures.
Thanks to all of our BEPRO Community members for their support!

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.