We’re moving our Blog to Medium

As we build towards the BEPRO Network mainnet launch, our website is transitioning to be used essentially for the Developers’ Community and our Operators. In order to have all of our other information such as updates and blog posts organised, we’re moving our Blog to Medium. This will all also improve our performance in terms of SEO as we’re using a platform with enhanced analytics that will lead us to a bigger and better reach for our publications, technology and product.

Since the rebranding of our company our focus was to move away from being a software house/SaaS for betting companies, and towards being a Codebase for any individual or team that’s building Web3, gaming and blockchain based applications. In the past months we’ve been building our community of developers, and our tech is being used in several different applications already.

Our vision is to become the most useful codebase to build blockchain apps, NFTs, gaming and DeFi. You can read our Developer Documentation here: https://docs.bepro.network/ - where we explain to devs and builders how to use our network for creating decentralised applications in #DeFi, #NFT and #blockchain. 

If you are a development team, enthusiast or community member that thinks that your project could benefit from blockchain web3 integration, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to our sales manager :


Interested parties should check out our Open Issues on Github or message us directly in our Developers’ Community.

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.