We are thrilled to announce that the BEPRO Network NFT Factory Open Beta is now live on the Ethereum Mainnet! This open beta is entitled Minimal Art Gallery, and is a preview of what can be built using BEPRO Network's NFT technology in just a few days of development.

Please Note: The Minimal Art Gallery Open Beta is intended to be just that, minimal. We are testing basic functions of our NFT Factory, and gathering feedback. Flashier platforms with more intricate and entertaining UI/UX can be built using our bepro-js libraries, backend, blockchain and API codebase and middleware. In fact, you can build your own custom frontend to your heart's desire, and just link it to our backend and blockchain systems! Easy!

Interested parties should get in touch: justin@bepro.network

✨belle et puissante, la raisonnablement obligée

BEPRO Network's first NFT Factory Open Beta is the B.E.P.R.O. Collection entitled belle et puissante, la raisonnablement obligée, where 100 limited edition, AI generated art pieces will be minted by the users themselves, through their interaction with the platform.

Each new NFT artwork is minted on-demand when the latest NFT for sale is purchased. The generation of the new pieces is based on the time, user action, and some other secret parameters (which, as the platform operator, you can set to whatever you like) ūüėČ.

New artworks revealed when previous ones are sold

What is the BEPRO NFT Factory Open Beta showcasing, in reality?

This open beta showcases the features we have built into our NFT Factory which allows businesses and entrepreneurs to launch their own NFT business quickly and efficiently. It also allows existing businesses to easily integrate NFT functionality into their current platforms. This open beta tests:

  • NFT¬†Factory Deployment
  • Metamask / blockchain interaction
  • Integration of ERC-20 Payment Tokens
  • NFT¬†Minting function (ERC-721 standard)
  • AI artwork generation
  • NFT¬†pricing function via algorithms or operator specified parameters
  • NFT¬†Artwork Display in a User Specific Collection &¬†ETH¬†address attribution

If you are a developer and what to check out our Github docs for bepro-js, click here.

View your collection

‚ÄćFuture NFT¬†Factory Updates will release more features to make your NFT¬†business thrive. Stay tuned for more updates.

ūüóíÔłŹ Collecting the BEPRO¬†Community's Valuable Feedback

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. BEPRO Network's codebase becomes better and better with the input of clients and users that actually use our products. Please take the time to visit our form and share with us your thoughts on the open beta:


Participate Now and Grab a Limited Edition BEPRO Network NFT!

- Users will be able to generate and purchase NFTs using $BEPRO tokens

- Each time an NFT is purchased, the price of the next one increases by 1.09%

- These BEPRO Network NFTs are collectibles, they are not intended to be offered as investment vehicles, and BEPRO Network makes no warranty as to their resale value, if any

- NFTs from this collection may be viewed in OpenSea

Without further ado, please visit here to get started:



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