BEPRO Network announces the release of our On-Chain Staking Template.

With this code-as-a-service product release, BEPRO Network enables any ERC20 token to be augmented with staking functionality. This means that any blockchain or crypto project that has its own ERC20 token can now have on-chain staking to offer to their communities and token holders. There are many benefits to on-chain staking, and in this post we will highlight them and discuss how BEPRO Network’s on-chain staking product can help your crypto project. 

Many centralised solutions for staking (exchange staking, custodial staking) are available from many companies in the blockchain space. As easy to use as these services are, they are nonetheless centralised and require the user and project team to trust a 3rd party. We’ve identified that there are many projects in the blockchain space that are unwilling to trust centralised solutions, especially when many tokens are at stake (pun intended!)

One of the main template releases under the Smart Contract templates class on our Roadmap was this release of on-chain staking code-as-a-service. BEPRO Network, as a robust developer resource and community for building blockchain applications and services, identified the need for crypto projects to have on-chain staking.

Use cases for on-chain staking:

  • Verifiably payout yield to encourage long-term token holding
  • Incentivise the use of on-chain staking as a component in a wider yield-farming initiative
  • Significantly reduce exchange holdings of project tokens to reduce counterparty risk
  • Trustable environment for both parties within the Infrastructure

With this release, BEPRO Network fulfills yet another important development milestone on its roadmap and increases the value and utility of BEPRO Network’s Codebase for developers and blockchain entrepreneurs. This is part of a broader initiative to shift the company’s focus more towards the full decentralization of products and services based on open developer marketplaces. 

If you’d like to access the on-chain staking product codebase, you can do so here.

If you are a crypto team, enthusiast or community member that thinks that your crypto project could benefit from on-chain staking, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to our sales manager :

Interested parties should check out our Open Issues on Github or message us directly in our Developers’ Community.

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