Being agile and course correcting when needed is a necessary skill for companies in uncertain times.

Following the major KuCoin security incident and subsequent BEPRO token swap, we've taken a step back to consider where we are on our roadmap in order to update it where necessary.

Therefore we are investing more development effort and capital into DeFi products, and we will add more pairs, liquidity and rewards for LPs on DEXs. The upcoming release of on-chain DeFi products on BEPRO Network will add major network effects and brand value to our community. In light of these findings, we present our updated roadmap for 2021

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Q2 2021

  • Developer Marketplace R&D
  • Prediction Market R&D
  • Integration with Moonbeam Network
  • On-Chain Staking Code-as-a-Service
  • 10+ Operators Online
  • 10+ Templates of Smart Contracts available
  • Alpha Version of The Network Live

Q3 2021

  • Developer Market Place BETA (Moonbeam.Network)

Q4 2021

  • Mainnet Network Deploy in Polkadot/Kusama & Binance Chain

We'd like to thank all of our clients, supporters and community members for their continuing enthusiasm and loyalty to our project. It's been a tough year for many and we are confident that we will pull through stronger than ever.

BEPRO Networks' best days are ahead of us. We are super motivated, well-funded, and growing. More of our operators are online and interest in our company is growing each day. Thank you for your support and being with us on this journey.

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a blockchain-based, Software & Code-as-a-Service protocol for on-chain and off-chain betting systems. Our technology stack features a robust and flexible API, sandbox and production environments, and a visual back-office for fast management of betting platforms from anywhere with an internet connection. We provide a fully customisable white label solution for crypto-enabled online casinos, Esports betting apps, slots, prediction markets & more.